Terms & Conditions

I – General – Scope of Application

Our services are performed exclusively under the General Terms & Condition of Hyeri Service set forth hereinafter. They also apply to future transactions conducted between the contracting parties (Client & Hyeri Service)

The client/customer/Buyer has full knowledge of the General Terms & Condition, gained through our price lists, emails, and social media publications.

II – Processing of Orders

We reserve the right to deny service to buyers who have shown unprofessional, unacceptable, or improper behavior against our shop or the admins, whether directly or indirectly.

We reserve the right to deny service to previously known scammers and fraud or bugos buyers which were previously exposed.
We reserve the right to deny service to impatient buyers.

Please be patient with us too in answering your inquiries in DMs. We are receiving high volumes of messages right now, so please bear with us.

If PRE-ORDER BENEFITS are given randomly, we will also ship them randomly. We will not be accepting card pooling. Unless stated

For buyers, misunderstandings with the shop should not be posted in any kind of social media platform as this may cause spreading of wrong information and confusion with other buyers. We will also post as rude buyers and will be blocked from ordering again in our shop.

Our products are cheap because we buy them in bulk from a legit supplier with a contract. Also, because international and local shipping fees are still not included in the price stated.

We reserve the right to refund if problems will be encountered upon purchasing and securing the items considering that all means have been made by the shop in securing the items.

III – Reservation & Terms of Payment

For PRE-ORDER or GO, MUST BE paid at least 50% DOWNPAYMENT of the total price of the item/s after submitting the order form/checkout in our website. And the balance needs to be settled BEFORE or ON the DEADLINE OF PAYMENT DATE (DOP).

For Discount price MUST PAID on or before discount valid date or upon submitting the Order form/ checkout in our website. Failing to pay on time/valid date will not be counted as a discount price.

50% down payment late fee 50.00 pesos/day will be counted 3 days after submitting form/ checkout on our website.

A penalty of Php200 pesos/day will be fined for late payments on DOP DATE
For late payments, there are high chances that pre-ordered benefits and such will not be given because as stated in previous terms and conditions.

Proof of Payment Form MUST be filled out right after paying for confirmation. Failure to fill-out the proof of payment form BEFORE or ON the date set as DEADLINE OF PAYMENT will also be considered LATE PAYMENT as this will cause us to not confirm your payments.
Extensions are allowed though still subject to approval, but are subject to approval, which is determined by the length of the request and validity of reason. This will only be granted once; failure to pay will result in the cancellation of your order, with no reimbursement or transfer of any down payment.

We allow payment of items first and shipping fees to be payments to be followed once order/s is/are already here in the Philippines.

HOLDING PERIOD – This applies to a customer who has a pending balance after the item is ready for delivery, including the local shipping fee. Two follow-up emails will be sent, and failure to pay the outstanding balance will result in your goods being seized and put up for claims.

Failure to pay on the given deadline and/or agreed extended date will add you to the list of our fraud buyer. Your name will be exposed on our account with or without notice.

GCash numbers are for payment purposes ONLY. Please refrain from calling and texting your inquiries in these numbers but instead tend your concern through:

Twitter — @HyeriServices
Gmail — hyeriserviceskr@gmail.com/cs.hyeriserviceskr@gmail.com

IV – Cancellation

We do not allow cancellation of orders at any expense or reason.

You may request for cancellation but it will still be subject to approval. Once approved, you will need to pay 30% of the total amount of your order and we will provide a partial refund. The full refund will be processed and issued within 7 to 10 days. But there is a possibility that your request for cancellation will not be approved for reasons such as the item is already secured and your payment was already used to secure your order.

We reserve the right to cancel any order to buyers who have shown unprofessional, unacceptable, or improper behavior against our shop or the admins, whether directly or indirectly. In any case that payment is already sent, this will be refunded. Failure to agree for us to refund will have their items confiscated and be put up for claims later on. We will also not accept return and refund regarding this issue as this is beyond our capability.

V- Refund, Exchange and Returns

Full refund of the total cost is made only if the ordered item has ran out of stocks.

ALWAYS take a VIDEO of you UNBOXING the package from the courier’s pouch/box up to the said item, showing its condition and if your orders are complete, just in case there will be any problem. WE WILL NOT ENTERTAIN customers reaching out about missing items, defects, broken items or any problems without a supporting video that will confirm the said issue. This will be helpful in filing your claims with the courier. Please understand that this is to protect both parties. We are not going to take responsibility for courier or customer’s mistakes.

Make sure that the video should not be EDITED or CUT.

Email it to:

Once confirmed that the items are incomplete or damaged, we will process your concerns as soon as possible.

Shipping fee for returns of damaged items will be shouldered by Hyeri Services after confirming that the mistake was caused by the shop’s side.

We reserve the right to refuse to grant returns and/or exchange depending on the order condition upon arrival to the receiver and/or to our address.

Shipping fee for exchange for any item with valid reasons will be shouldered by Hyeri Services.
We will also not be held liable with concerns regarding manufacturing defects.

VI – Shipping Item/s

We handle group orders, which are usually made up of a large number of orders. Packing and shipment per GO thus it usually takes 1-2 weeks upon arrival in PH. This is also subject to delay depending on the volume of orders that we will be shipping.

Delayed Release Item/s from supplier or arrival to our KOREAN ADDRESS are beyond our control, but as must as possible we will be giving NOTICE/UPDATE regarding that item.

Changes on the shipping address should be requested before shipment for any group order has begun. No requests will be considered, particularly if your local shipping fee has already been billed.

Mode of Payment
a. Gcash
b. Banco De Oro (BDO)
c. BPI
d. Paypal
e. Remitly

Korean Bank Transfer
• Rate is subject to change defends in everyday rate ( ex: ₩1,000 = PHP42.80 ) , we have a charge of PHP50.00 per transaction.
• To process your transfer, you have to pay FIRST.
• To avail our Korean bank transfer, all you need to do is to screenshot your payment, give me details of the seller, bank name, bank account number and the amount in won.

Please follow this format :

— SELLER NAME (optional)

VII- Prices

The prices agreed upon the conclusion of the deal, and in particular the prices stated in the order form and/or the confirmation of the order shall apply.

The prices are also calculated on the basis of the volume, weight, etc. (International & Local Shipping)

We reserve the right to reasonably adjust our prices in the event of a change of cost occurring after the conclusion of the deal due to increases in pre-suppliers’ prices, and/or exchange of rate fluctuations. Notification of such price changes is given not later than 5days prior to the effectiveness of the new prices.

VIII – KPOP Buying Service/Purchase Assistance


Hyeri Services accept all Korean websites for all the products that you need to buy.

Buying Service/Purchase Assistance
— Hyeri Services accept all Korean websites for all the products that you need to buy.

For buying service online, we charge:

₩5,000~₩10,000 of the total cost per checkout.

₩5,000 charge fee for ₩1,000 ~ ₩99,000

₩10,000 charge fee for ₩100,000 and up


Item Amount = ₩200,000 + ₩10,000 charge fee = ₩210,000

For buying service offline, we charge ₩3,000~₩4,000 per item.

For this service, the rate for bank transfer applies.

To avail, please send me the LINK, ITEM QUANTITY, SIZE AND COLOR (if applies)
Note: Sometimes, online charge charges depend on the website.

IX – Warehouse & Delivery

We use UMAC as our courier (Applicable for Philippines ONLY)

Box Size
— SMALL BOX 34*25*21CM
— MINI BOX 55*38*40CM
— REGULAR BOX 75*55*40CM
— JUMBO BOX 75*55*75CM

NCR — P1,750
LUZON — P2,150

Maximum of 20KG P4,300

** For Mini Box Fast ETA
We can shipped to NCR, Rizal, Cavite and Bulacan Only

— MINI BOX P3,600
— JUMBO BOX P7,800

** Note : Rate is subject to change without prior notice.

a. Rate includes korean address, warehouse fee, consolidation fees, taking photos, packaging materials and full box tape.
b. Estimate Time of Arrival ( ETA) 2-4weeks
c. Warehouse duration is 1 MONTH ONLY, you need to pay additional P50.00 per for exceeding days. Your 1 month duration will start from the first parcel arrived in my address.
d. Hyeri Services, taking photos of your tracking number,also the item inside and packing them safely into your box.
e. All your concerns will be heard and attended. Hyeri Services value all of you as our customers.


Any apparent damage to the boxes shall be communicated directly to UMAC Express Cargo. Hyeri Services shall not be held liable for any damages resulting from the handling of boxes by UMAC Express Cargo from South Korea to the Philippines.


Kindly wait for our updates before tagging your items as missing. Message us so we can check the list of your items.

XII – Buyer’s Obligations /Reservation title/ Reselling

Ownership of the delivered items from the shop to our Korean address shall remain with us until full payment of the purchase price and any other current or future receivables  resulting from our business relationship with the Buyer. The incorporation of the purchase price in an ongoing invoice and the acceptance of the balance will not affect the reservation of title.

The Buyer is obliged to treat the purchased goods carefully until full ownership has been acquired.

The Buyer may neither pledge nor give as a security of the items owned by us. However, he/she shall be entitled to resell the delivered Items to him/her within the scope of a proper and correct business transaction in accordance with his/her own General Terms & Condition
The Buyer is entitled, within the scope of proper and orderly business operations, to dispose of the products created by such processing, mixing & combination, excluding pledging or assignment, provided he meets his obligations resulting from the business relationship with us, in a timely manner.