[Important Announcement] Invoice Process

Announcement from: Cherry - Hyeri Services Admin


Starting January 22, 2024, we will be sending out invoices on a weekly basis, every Monday.

For example, if we have three live schedules in a week, the total invoice for the different days will be sent on Monday of the following week. After receiving the invoice, all payments should be made within 48 hours.

During live, a downpayment of ₱1000 should be settled first before you can order, with a limit of up to ₱5000 worth of items only. Any outstanding balance should be settled first before you can add more items or join the live. (It applies to all customers and new miners.)

To all our clients, please ensure that you anticipate receiving invoices every Monday moving forward, as we aim to provide you with a consistent and organized billing system. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation as we implement this improvement to our invoicing system.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this change, our support team is available to assist you.

Thank you, and have a great weekend!